Refurbished electronics
in mint condition

An environmentally friendly and affordable alternative to buying brand new.

An assortment of goMINT products: laptop, earbuds, and smartwatch.

refurbished electronics

At goMINT™, we have been refurbishing electronics for over 10 years in partnership with major US retailers and manufacturers. We have processed over 35 million devices at our warehouse facilities across North America.

We are redefining quality refurbishment and setting a new standard for others to follow.

Carefully restored to like-new standards

Our goMINT process requires every product to meet the highest quality standards for sanitization, part replacement, data wiping, and software installation. Each item is meticulously hand-tuned by our expert technicians.

Technician refurbishing phone


By purchasing a goMINT device, you're extending the life of a product and preventing it from becoming landfill waste.

Our guarantee

We stand behind our process with a generous 1-year warranty policy and additional customer support.


All items receive a rigorous multi-point functional and cosmetic inspection to ensure they look and work flawlessly. All goMINT products are:

Certified and rigorously tested to mint condition

Compliant with highest data-wiping standards

Fully accessorized

Updated with the latest software

Verified battery health and charging capability

Carefully cleaned and sanitized

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Satisfaction guaranteed:
1-year warranty comes free with the purchase of each product. If your item stops working within 12 months of the purchase date, we’ll happily fix or replace your item.

What is and is not covered?
Our 1-year warranty covers our products and their branded accessories against defects or functional issues such as weak battery or an unresponsive touch screen. The warranty does not cover accidental damage that could occur from dropping or losing the item, or any unauthorized modifications made to the device.